The 'H' List

In the table below, 'FKD' is the first known date at which the photographer was found to be operating, and 'LKD' the last date. '86' is 1886, and '14+' means the person was in business after 1914. A highlighted entry means that there are examples of photographers work, which can be seen by clicking on the name. The references are detailed in the 'SOURCES' section

Photographer NameAddressFKD LKDComments
Hacker, W. B.190 Trongate7778
Haggard, W. J.3 Cambridge St.0202
Halket & Co.25 Jamaica St.8586 ' Halket's Photographic Galleries'
Hall, William.21 Argyle St.8001 Ref 1 has 80 - 96
Hall, William.17 Argyle St.9603
Hamilton, Crawford184 Paisley rd.8995 Ref 2 has 89 - 91
Hamilton, Crawford49 Jamaica St.9196
Hamilton, Crawford13 St. Vincent Pl.0308
Hamilton, Hugh2 Royal Arcade8993
Hamilton, John M.49 Jamaica St.8788? From Ref 1.
Hamilton, John M.184 Paisley Rd.8788
Hamilton, J. & W.1 Dundas St.9697 'Trade'
Hamilton, J. M. 132 West Nile St.9712 In Refs. 5 and 6 as J. W.
Hamnett. 65 Jamaica St.0712 In Ref. 5 as 'Hammet'
Hampton Bros. 2 West Campbell St.8390
Hampton Bros.4 St. Enoch Sq.9192
Hampton, Wm. 195 ½ Argyle St.9414+ 'Hampton's Studio' in 1893.
Hancock, E. & Co.41 Jamaica St.0712
Hardie & Naismith29 Jamaica St.5656
Hardie, Douglas29 Jamaica St. 5771
Hardie, Douglas2 Elphestone (?)5783 Only in Ref 1. Elphinstone?
Hardie, Douglas21 Argyle St. 7278
Hardie, Douglas190 Trongate7986
Harley, David40 Bellgrove St.9898
Harrow & Sons22 Argyle St..7373 Torrance.
Hay, Saml.31 Mair St.7575 Muir St.?
Hay, Saml.2 Elphinston Pl., Gorbals7676
Henderson & Ellis40 Bellgrove St.9193 Ref 2 has 91 - 95
Henshaw, John109 Renfield St.6060 From Ref 4.
Herbert, Geo.83 Jamaica St.8989 From Ref 2.
Herbertson, Thos. & Co.15 Gordon St.8283
Hicks, J. & W.Portland Pl., 510 Govan Rd.8383 This confusion of Hicks' which follows may be partly caused by inconsistent
or inaccurate recording of names in the trade directories. 'Hicks (1890) for
example may be the same as 'Hicks, J. & W.' (1887 - 1893)
Hicks, Jas.Portland Pl., 510 Govan Rd.8486 See above entry
Hicks, Wm.15 Gordon St.8486 See entry two above. Ref. 4 has address as 75 Gordon St. in 86
Hicks, J. & W. 11 West Nile St.8793
Hicks 11 West Nile St.9090
Hicks & Co. 11 West Nile St. 9496
Hicks Bros. 172 Argyle St. 9496
Hicks Bros. 6 Union St.9497 also just 'J. Hicks'? See also Hicks bros. above.
Hill & Adamson101 Stirling Rd.43? From Ref 3. Calotypes.
Hill, Percy167 St. Georges Rd.9395 Ref 1 has 95 - 97
Hogg, Wm. J. 73 Grt. Hamilton St.5093 The backs of his cdvs confirms him established in 1850 Ref. 3 has 'Grt. Hanover St.'
Holmes, J. C.89 Dalmarnock Rd.8486 Ref 1 gives 84 - 88
Hood, Alex.54 Fauldhouse Rd.9902
Hood, Jas.653 Rutherglen Rd.9398 Ref 1 has 94 - 00
Hood, Miss Elizabeth202 Hope St.0013
Horne, Adam G.182 Springburn Rd.8080
Houston, J. Jnr. & Co.233 New Dalmarnock rd.6768 'James'
Howell, Alfred195 ½ Argyle St.7383
Howie, J. Jnr.51 Buchanan St.6567 Ref 1 has 66 - 68
Hughes, Cornelius Javez.Monteith Rooms, 67 Buchanan St.4856 from Ref. 3. Daguerreotypes
Hum, David & Co.5 St. Vincent Pl.79?82? Victoria Gallery, George Square.
Hum & Bishopp5 St. Vincent Pl.7?79Victoria Gallery, George Square.
Hum, Fred. W.5 St. Vincent Pl.8282Victoria Gallery, George Square.
Hunter, G. Stenhouse22 Gairbraid St.0306 In Ref. 6 till 1907
Hutchison, Agnes109 Bothwell St.1114+
Hutchison, John P. 249 Argyle St.8087
Hutton, John M.10 Bridge St.6074 Ref 1 has 59 - 76
Hutton, John M.184 Paisley Rd.8384